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Nesch, LLC provides revolutionary x-ray imaging capabilities based on proprietary Diffraction Enhanced Imaging (DEI) and Multiple Image Radiography (MIR) technology. Unlike normal x-ray imaging, which relies solely on x-ray absorption, our images also show differences in x-ray refraction and scattering within the specimen. The new information within the refraction and scattering images enables many new applications, including:

  • direct soft-tissue imaging – e.g., cartilage, cancer tumors, and tendons
  • cost effective and humane evaluation of small animals in biological and pharmaceutical research
  • detection of defects (non-destructive evaluation) in high performance materials
  • accurate and sensitive security screening

Key Markets

Medical Biological Materials Security
More Information,
Less Radiation
A new Way of
Looking at Nature
A New Method of
Where Seeing More is
Vital to Safety
Latest News
04-26-2012 : Business cooperation with Perlove Medical

Nesch, LLC has signed an agreement with Perlove Medical, one of the largest x-ray manufacturers in China, to enter into a long-term business cooperation...
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