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Nesch, LLC
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Our People

Ivan Nesch, Ph.D., J.D.
President and CEO

30 years experience with high-tech instrumentation (ion-beam, laser, and X-ray systems), more than 15 years experience in design and construction of X-ray instrumentation – Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, X-ray crystal optics – Illinois Institute of Technology. Developed the first in lab proof-of-principle DEI instrument.


Joel Oliver, Ph.D.
Market Development Officer

38 years experience with high-tech analytical instrumentation and 22 year career with Procter & Gamble where he managed a group with a $4 million annual budget. Chairman of the Board, Industrial Macromolecular Collaborative Access Team at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory.


Ben Reinhart
Associate Physicist, Chief Design Engineer 

Previous experience/research at Advanced Photon Source: X-ray backscattering experiments to measure thermal expansion coefficients of pure Ge-isotopes with application to establish a length standard of measurement on the atomic scale.

Design and characterization of a crystal harmonic rejection system to be used to filter out undesirable harmonics from synchrotron beamlines.


Tochko Tzvetkov
Senior Software Developer, Instrumentation Designer, X-ray Instrumentation Designer.
                                    LabVIEW Associate Developer
More than 15 years of experience in design and automatic control of high-tech research equipment and experiments. Designed space mission experiments for AFOSR and NASA projects (MISSE 5 and MISSE 6). Responsible for machine control and data management software.


Daniel P. Fogarty Ph.D.
Technical Project Leader, X-ray Instrumentation Specialist

Over 10 years of experience designing, fabricating, and demonstrating cutting-edge instrumentation; specifically, multiple scanning tunneling microscopes—including the first ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope coupled to a molecular beam source, ultra-high vacuum components, and the first laboratory based diffraction-enhanced x-ray imaging (DEXI) instrument.  Notable leadership and management background (8 years experience).

Chuck Walus
Mechanical Engineer

40 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom industry machinery.
Gocha Khelashvili, Ph.D.
Medical Physicist

Medical image processing. One of the developers of the theory behind DEI/MIR image formation. Expert in dose calculations, dose measurements, radiation protection calculations and quality assurance tests. Radiation and medical physics course lecurer at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Clinical radiation oncology physicist at Rush University Medical Center.


Elan Frank
Media Relations

Elan Frank is an award winning documentary film maker. He is president and founder of Elan Productions, a dynamic LA based Production Company committed to delivering innovative, inspiring and diverse programming for every media platform. It is dedicated to making a difference. To learn more about the film maker and his company, please go to www.elanproductions.net.
Besides a rich film making biography, Elan Frank is also a Major (ret.) and a decorated (Medal of Honor) pilot in the Air Force with rich military experience.

Contact info:
e-mail: frank.e@neschllc.com, elanfrank@aol.com
Tel: (818) 623 5699 Skype: elanfrank

Rudy Chacon

Rudy Chacon, MBA

35 years business development, M & A, marketing as CEO and CFO.  Areas of experience Research & Development of new technology, manufacturing, construction and advertising media. Versa Products Inc, Advanced Technology Holdings Inc, Hydracraft Inc, TRW
Fluent in English and Spanish
Contact info:
email: chacon.r@neschllc.com        

Tel: (310) 567 1252  Skype:rudychacon


Ted Nash

Ted Nash, MBA

Head of International Marketing / Sales

15+ years marketing and sales experience. Fluent in English and Russian.
Contact info:
e-mail: nash.t@neschllc.comdexiglobal@gmail.com
Tel: (702) 339-0487 Skype: tednashbg1

Konstantin Dimitrov

Konstantin Dimitrov, Ph.D.

EU Market

7+ years experience in marketing, public relations and distribution throughout the EU. Areas - renewable energy, green energy devices, and innovative products. X-Ray screening and scanning, security market research experience.
12 + years of experience in instrumentation design and fabrication. Fluent in English and Russian.
Contact info:
e-mail:  dimitrov.k@neschllc.com, dexieurope@gmail.com.
Mobile phone: +44 7435 598 771 Skype: konstantin.v.dimitrov

John Caminero

John Caminero
Latin American Market

15 years of experience in international sales, marketing, public relations & distribution networks throughout Latin America and The Caribbeans.
Fluent in Spanish & English.
Contact info:
e-mail: caminero.j@neschllc.com, dexilatinamerica@gmail.com.
Tel: (702) 782-7355 Skype: johncaminero  

Jivko Donev

Jivko Donev, MBA
Russia & CIS Markets

He also holds a degree in Engineering. Has over 15 years of Marketing, Sales & Business Development practice across multiple international assignments in Russia, Eastern Europe and USA. Experienced in leading  a start-up, business turnarounds and efficiency improvements of established businesses, within the CPG and the Equipment & Supplies industries.
Contact info:
e-mail: donev.j@neschllc.com, dexicisandrussia@gmail.com.
Tel: + 359 889 970 735

Gary Lee

Gary S. Lee
Head of All Asian Markets

18 years of experiences in technical sales, business development, and product marketing for the consumer and industrial digital electronics (HDTVs and HD Set Tops) market segments in Korea, Japan, and China/Taiwan; as well as in specialty display manufaturing, operations, and international business development. Also, sourcing specialities in high-tech hardware and software/middleware solutions, military and surveillance systems, and non-tech applications and solutions.
Language Proficiency: English, Korean (fluent), and Japanese (intermediate).

Contact info:
e-mail:lee.g@neschllc.com, DexiallAsia@gmail.com,
Tel: +1-702-689-8975  Skype: g-Sources

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