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04-26-2012 Business cooperation with Perlove Medical.

Nesch, LLC has signed an agreement with Perlove Medical, one of the largest x-ray manufacturers in China, to enter into a long-term business cooperation. Under the terms of the agreement, Perlove Medical will provide its manufacturing facilities, customized parts, components, and engineering expertise to produce Nesch, LLC’s brand x-ray machines.

04-02-2012 Nesch LLC shipped a  synchrotron component.

Nesch, LLC has sold another “Ultra-precision 360° Continuous Nano-angular Actuator” to the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron.  The actuator has proven to be reliable positioning device that can be customized for multiple types of experimental systems.  If you would like more information about our [Ultra-precision 360degree Continuous Nano-angular] Actuator or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone—one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.

12-23-2010 Customer appreciation:

Nesch, LLC is excited to share some recent feedback from Staff Scientist Dr. George Belev at the Biomedical Imaging and Therapy Beamlines, Canadian Light Source Synchrotron regarding our “Ultra-precision 360° Continuous Nano-angular Actuator”.  Dr. Belev recently installed this device and had the following to say about its’ performance:

“Our initial results [using the device] exceeded by far all our expectations.  The stability of the new analyzer assembly is excellent.  We are able to perform experiments and collect high quality images during any time of the day even when construction work is carried out in close proximity to the experimental hutch.  That was simply impossible with our old analyzer setup.  The vastly improved performance allows us to utilize the beam-line time much more efficiently and allows us to have multi-fold increase in the number of imaging experiments per session, which leads to tremendous cost savings… now, we can cover, with unmatched repeatability, the very narrow rocking curve width of the analyzer crystal (Si [4,4,0] reflection… this all underscores Nesch, LLC’s excellent design, engineering, craftsmanship, and we want to thank you for providing us with such an excellent piece of equipment by sharing our experience with you and your customers.”          

If you would like more information about our “Ultra-precision 360° Continuous Nano-angular Actuator” or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us either by email or by phone, and one of our specialist will be happy to assist you.

03-30-2010 First Nesch, LLC synchrotron components shipped

Nesch, LLC shipped its first Ultra-precision 360° Continuous Nano-angular Actuator to the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron. The actuator is custom designed to fit end user needs. It utilizes Nesch, LLC’s patented high-precision rotation flex plate. The device allows for ultra precise 360 continuous angular component positioning while being driven by conventional actuators. In addition to its small size, the rotational precision can be varied to match customer needs. The device can be produced high-vacuum compatible at the customer’s request.

Nano-angular Actuator

03-08-2010 - DEXI scanner to improve security ...

Recent article in Northwest Indiana Times recognizes the potential of DEXI technology to detect materials that pose a security threat.

Northwest Indiana Times

01-25-2010 - Inside Indiana Business Interview
Nesch, LL's CEO Ivan Nesch discusses DEXI technology and plans for the future.
Inside Indiana Business

01-04-2010 - New X-ray device..

Over the past 6 months Nesch, LLC has been developing a new security x-ray imaging device that will be used to detect illegal materials and substances. This new machine called DEXITM Security has been recently recognized by various newspapers and magazines: 

Post Tribune
Purdue Research Foundation
Medical News TODAY

Nesch, LLC plans to accept orders for the new security machine by the end of March 2010. Please contact us regarding any questions about our new DEXITM Security instrument. We look forward to assisting and hearing from you... Goes Online

Nesch, LLC  welcomes you to our website. We hope that you will find our technology very exciting as it has the capability of delivering x-ray images that exceed conventional radiography image quality with more information and less radiation.

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