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Programmable Multi-Motor Controller
      15 Channels / Addressable Multiplexer/ Cost-Effective / Programmable

The Programmable Multi-Motor Controller (PMMC-15-001) provides cost-effective, programmable control over multiple peripheral devices. The PMMC-15-001 uses an addressable multiplexer circuit and a single intelligent/programmable stepping motor controller to operate up to 15 stepping motors. The controller can be programmed to fit a particular motor system, which allows for intelligent stand alone operation when powered on.

Programmable Multi-Motor Controllers provide a significant cost reduction by reducing the number of control systems needed for multi-motor designed devices (i.e. 2 motors 2 controllers - higher cost compared to our design one controller and up to 15 motors). The simplified control of peripheral devices is accomplished without the need of a computer.

  • Motors
    • Control up to 15 motors
    • 5-to-24V/phase
    • <2A/phase/channel
  • Power
    • 85-to-264 V AC
    • 47 to 65 Hz
    • 1A
  • Mount
    • 1U Standard 19” rack mount
  • I/O
    • Serial PC port
Shutter Controller


Advantages of Nesch's X-Ray shutter controller

Nesch Controller
Other Controllers
Impossible to open the shutter if the indicator circuit is faulty. Thus, even a momentary opening of the shutter is prohibited. Able to open the shutter before checking the status of the indicator light circuit. This allows for momentary opening of the shutter when faulty lights are encountered and when the opening of the shutter is prohibited with potential for unintentional exposure to x-rays.
Provides safe power (within the required safe operational limits for the lights) to the indicator LEDs on the X-ray tube housing. The power provided to the indicator LEDs exceeds more than five times the safe operation limits, leading to frequent failures, sometimes burning out the LEDs within minutes of operation.
Shutter closed position is independently checked using the in-shutter switches, and output signal is provided, allowing additional interlocking the High Voltage controller. Thus, if the shutter fails to close after receiving a command to close, a signal will be provided to the High Voltage controller to de-power the x-ray tube. Lacks safety check feature, allowing for unintentional and undesirable exposure to x-rays.
Designed to be static discharge proof. Therefore, operation doesn't depend on the atmospheric conditions (e.g. low humidity). Susceptible to static discharge, thus allowing for unintentional opening of the shutter and undesirable exposure to xrays.
Front panel buttons chosen for significantly easier activation of the close (OFF) button compared to the open (ON) button. This feature allows for faster manual shutter operation during emergencies. Lacks convenient manual operation buttons which could lead to potential delays in closing the shutter during emergencies.


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