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X-Ray Safety Interlock Box Model XSIB-01

  • VIO = 5VDC
  • IMAX = 3A
  • Shutter Connector Type = DB9
  • HV Interlocks/signals connectors
  • High Voltage ON indicator
    • High Voltage ON
    • X-Rays ON - Three
  • Interlocks
    • HV
    • Faulty indicators
    • Additional

The X-ray Safety Interlock Box (XSIB-01) combines two independent interlocking systems as one – allowing system-1 to act as master and system-2 to act as slave.

During operation the XSIB-01 has three system modes each with its own visual indication. When system mode-1 is active the master system is on and the visual indicator will show the proper status. When system mode-2 is active the master and slave systems are both on and the visual indicators will show the proper status. System mode-3 is a routine maintenance mode that allows the master system to be inactive while the slave system is active.

In the case of x-ray systems, the XSIB-01 provides safety information to x-ray system users as well as to visitors of x-ray labs. In this case, the High Voltage Source (HV) is designated as master and when the HV is active the XSIB-01 visually indicates the system is active with the use of a lamp or LED.

The slave is the shutter interlock system. When the HV is ON and the shutter is open the XSIB-01 has a visual indication of X-Rays ON. There are 3 available ports for X-Rays ON indication. Lamps and/or LED's can be used as visual indicators.

If the HV master system is inactive and the shutter slave system is active (maintenance being performedon the shutter system), the XSIB-01 indicators will light up.


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